LingQ goals

Hi there,
I’ve been thinking about the goals set by LingQ and have few questions :

  • is it really logical to have a “LingQ’s created” goal always twice the “LingQ’s learned” goal ? If I LingQ a word, a will eventually learn it, so in the long run, my “LingQ’s learned” should approach my “LingQ’s created”. Especially if we keep in mind, as seen in another post, that the same LingQed word can be learned several times (with a different meaning).
  • I’ve had a look at many profiles, and saw that almost nobody ever reaches the “Hours of listening” goal, whereas it is very easy to exceed the “Words of Reading” goal (basically you just need to read each lesson twice). Even the great Steve doesn’t “Listen” enough ! Is it because people just don’t tire to update their “Hours of Listening” ? Or Is it unrealistic for most people to spend more than one hour of day Listening ?


I listen more than anything else. I listen on my mp3 player and simply never enter the number.

I think that different goals work for different people. Different people also have different learning styles. It is normal that the LingQs created will exceed the LingQs learned. The latter number may not include all the LingQs that are learned. We only track the LingQs that are moved to status 4, either manually or through flash carding. To me, the LingQs created is the most important number because it is a measure of your activity. The most important thing to measure is what you can control, your activity level.

I also find the Known Word total interesting as a measure of my achievement, although I am not sure that I in fact know all those words, but as measurement of my vocabulary growth, it is accurate. i know that since I find fewer and fewer unknown words in my new texts. I can read more easily and understand better.