LingQ for schools: Price and functions

As a passionate user of LingQ I would like to propose the tool LingQ for schools as a tool to teach German online and in the classroom.

My problem is that I have no idea how this would work and how much this would cost for the students.

Does someone have experience with this tool?

You might have to email them for more info LingQ for Schools

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Thank you. I just sent them a message, although I don’t understand the lack of transparency there.

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Not really hiding anything, but in order to give you an offer and more details on the program, we need to get more information from you (Premium duration, number of students etc…). It’s just more practical to discuss on this through email. I’ll get back on your email soon. Thanks!

I use LingQ in this way to give classes to groups of my friends. It works for me, and they like it.

That being said…right now, the classrooms are NOT working properly. I have sent an email to support mentioning a specific issue, but now I will describe my latest problem.

I created a totally new classroom. I added courses that I personally had created and that show up in other classrooms.

I added myself to the classroom as a student as suggested to me earlier.

The classroom shows up as an EMPTY shelf on both my laptop and my android.

I will add that the only way to add a course to a classroom is to open one of the lessons and add that lesson to the classroom. After that the whole course shows up in the classroom under the GROUPS tab.

It does not, however, show up on the classroom shelf…which is where it needs to be so that the students can access it.

As far as I know, students don’t have a GROUPS tab. Or do they?

What am I missing here?

Let me test that and I’ll get back to you and reply on your email too.

Thank you very much.

Sorry for asking, but did you get my mail or should I send you another one?

I didn’t actually, Did you sent it from the same email address your account was created with?

yes, it should be the same

Please send another email now. Thanks!

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