LingQ for Android: error reports

After going through multiple Portuguese lessons on my Android phone, I’ve seen missing words, letters, and randomn characters. Of course, the transcripts are fine when I read them online. Do I need to list the specific lessons that are affected?

@gem4lyf - It would be great if you could email us the URLs to these lessons. Grab the links at the bottom that end in /buy/ and send them to support (at) lingq (dot) com and we’ll take a further look into this.

Are the missing words ones that you have saved? Also, do the random characters appear in all words or only words you have created LingQs out of?

Well… once again and it seems to be the only way it woks: I have learnt all the cards from the lesson offline except one. As I connected to Wi-Fi there was at first still one card in the list, but all my old lingqs became yellow once again. I’ve checked out the site: my lingqs were not updated there. I finished the last card (in the app) and the task (the process for the cards and the lesson, but not the one that shows the list of lessons) has collapsed with an error.
Now I have my 32 cards for this lesson to review as if I haven’t done anything: the same with another lesson cards from which I’ve work with offline.

It appears the app is not syncing properly with the server. We will be sure to take a look at this and do our best to make sure it’s working properly in the next version of the app.

I can’t believe how much I love the android app! It has much more in it than I had ever expected and is making it easy for me to use small down periods during my day to get some frequent listening/reading in. I am studying Russian. No troubles with the cyrillic, although I do find that the longer lessons will not load, which is a shame as I would really like to do some longer lessons.

Only problem, the flashcards don’t seem to cycle in the same way as they do on the computer. When I do a set of flashcards on the Android (motorola phone), each card will not leave the set until I have answered correctly many times. I think on the computer they leave the set if I answer them twice in a row correctly with no problems. So it takes a long time to go through a set of flashcards and I keep encountering words over and over again which are giving me no trouble.

Worst part…ALL words in the lesson seem to advance to level four as the result of the one session on the droid, and then I no longer have them coming back to me in flashcard sessions in the next days.

And also, the last card in the set will never complete, no matter how many times I answer that one last remaining card correctly. At which point the application wants to send an error report.

I can probably provide more detail about this if needed.

Again, I am loving the Android app. Thanks for creating something so comprehensive!

@Knowitsome - Thanks for the feedback. We’re glad you like the app! We are working on improving it as we speak. We will have an update hopefully in the next few days which will address some of the previously identified issues. We will also look into the issue you mentioned and hope to resolve it over the next little while.

We’ve now released an update that includes fixes for the flashcards and for the strange formatting issues in certain languages. You can find the new version here:


As always, let us know if you come across any other errors. We hope you enjoy this update! :slight_smile:

I have just realised that, when a punctuation mark follows a LingQ, it is not displayed in iLingQ for android. It is quite difficult to read a book with a lot of missing points, commas, etc.
I also hope that, in the future, it will be possible to move the app to the SD card and to play the audio in background mode, as it already happens with the iPhone version.
Thanks for your attention.

We will take a look at the punctuation issue. Thanks for letting us know. We are working on improving the Android app so it has matching functionality to the iPhone app.

I really hoped that the synchronization problems were going to be fixed in the last update of the app and waited pretty long for it.

But… they are not.

I did flashcard-work with the app offline. Now I have switched on the Wi-Fi, but it doesn’t seem like anything is gonna sync. I have only 8 cards left for the lesson on the phone, but still 47 as I see it in the browser.
So, how do I sync those?

Well. I have done all of these 8 cards and now as in the good old days I’ve got an error report and after that 38 cards are back (also a funny thing while there are 45 as I see it in the web)
An epic failure!

@eugrus - This didn’t make it into our last update, but it is on our list of things to do in the Android app.