LingQ for Android: error reports

I would like to share some problems I experience with the app.

  1. All Cyrillic symbols in the card hint are replaced with ?question?marks? (or at least are shown that way in the browser afterwards) if I edit the card in the app.
  2. The app would just freeze if the lesson (the text) I am trying to load is long enough (about the maximum length allowed on LingQ). It is really a pity cause that is exactly the length most of my lessons have as I use to import books.

My device is HTC Incredible S.

@eugrus - There are some limitationsand bugs in the app. We are working on fixing things. Thanks for letting us know.

By the way, when you had the problem with cyrillic script were you online or offline?

Online, I believe.

But the problem wasn’t obvious in the app itself, just afterwards, as I saw what is done to the card being on the website.

So you were looking at the card from the browser on your device when you save the strange symbols? It wasn’t actually in the app itself?

Another problem: I’ve still no hints on the flashcards. The settings are correct.

Yes, that is a problem for the Daily LingQ flashcards but not for the Lesson flashcards, right? We are working on that too.

It wasn’t actually in the app itself?

It was. I edited and saved the card, using the app on the device.
After that I used LingQ on the computer (with the browser on the computer) and saw what is done to the card.

(remove this post, please)

There appear to be some issues when editing the cards on the Android App, where it isn’t communicating the correct data to the main database. For the time being, it may be better to just edit your terms while at your computer.


btw, could you please specify the moment the app syncs the information about the cards, that I’ve learned during the session?
Or would it be done at some point anyway even if my phone is not online all the time?

The other way of asking it could be: at what moment should I have an Internet connection not to lose my progress?

Don’t worry, it updates instantly.
Also, if you do anything while offline, this activity will also update to LingQ as soon as you connect to the internet again.

Would it update the activities from the previous session when I start the app again?

Yes it should update properly. You are welcome to test it out and let us know if you find any inconsistencies :slight_smile:

Sounds great! :slight_smile:

I’ve figured out that the mentioned bug with encodings has to do not only with cards, but with lessons’ texts that you open offline as well. For instance, all non-ISObasicLatin German letters (ö,ä.ü,ß) get replaced with some meaningless characters.

After having finished all the flashcards in the subway I connected to the Wi-Fi and opened the LingQ application to synchronize my lingqs, but it seems like they have synchronized the wrong way. So, I had 0 flashcards and that’s what the app showed at the list at first (the Wi-Fi was already on), but as I opened the lesson, there were some yellow lingqs. I taped the Cards button: a blank card was shown and a number of cards: 100 (there were not that much lingqs in this lesson at all: there were about 70 at the very beginning). I tapped at this blank card: the back side of the card was blank as well - I tapped the “Get it!” button and the app crashed, I’ve sent the report.
After I’ve opened the app again it showed that there are 29 cards in the lesson.
So, I believe, the synchronization has gone the wrong way.

Thanks for the detailed reports. We’ll take note of these as we look to resolve some bugs in the app.

By the way (and sorry for off topic), will the LingQ desktop application for Windows ever be available for paying members? I would be interested in it if it gave me the opportunity to study my lessons and save LingQs offline with occasional synchronization. I have problems with my internet connection sometimes and would not want this to prevent me from using LingQ.

@Dmitry_DA - We have no plans to create a desktop/offline version of LingQ. To study lessons offline, you can use one of our mobile apps in offline mode. Creating LingQs will have to be done while connected to the internet.