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I don’t know if anyone has had this problem or not, but over about the past month (yes before the update as well) whenever I have learned flashcards and they become known or ‘status 4’, the LingQ statistics page usually counts less than what I had actually had done. For example, if I had learned 20, it may only show I learned 16. Although this lowers my activity score, I generally did not see it as that large of a problem. However, just a few minutes ago I achieved ‘status 4’ with 18 flashcards, but it only shows that I learned 2. I am wondering if the problem is continuing to get worse, and if anyone else has experienced or knows why this is happening.

Perhaps some of those words have been previously regarded as “known”? You can learn and relearn a word any number of times, but I think you can get “known words” credit for it only once.

Say that you read a lesson with 4 new words, don’t save any LingQs and then “update”/mark all as known. Let’s call your “known words” status “n”.

Then open a new lesson with 16 new words, but also including those 4, which you now have forgotten that you “knew” - save all 20. Your “known words” are now four less than before (since you don’t know them anymore). n-4 :slight_smile:

Then review all until they have reached level 4.

(n-4)+20=n+16 (16 learned words)

In short, I think it depends on what you save and learn, and when.

I think some of the shortfall is related to what Jeff has said but there are issues both from before the update and since that need to be resolved to make the statistics more accurate. We are working on it and hope to improve things soon.

We have just made some improvements to the Learned LingQs and Known Words counters. Learned Words are now reflected in the Known Words total. We have also tried to eliminate any discrepancy between the actual number of words learned and the number displayed. Please let us know if you continue to see inconsistencies.

Thank you for the replies mark and jeff. I will let you know if the problem continues.

My problems remain the same as they were despite all the improvements made to the Learned LingQs and Known Words counters. I guess the innovations are too sophisticated for me to understand.

If your problems have to do with the Lesson page, those are not fixed yet. We will get to those next.

There are three types of review “Flashcards” namely:

  1. for each lesson (minimum of words so much as mentioned the number of New Words),
  2. v “LingQs of the Day” by each of us receives by e-mail every day,
  3. arbitrarily formed “Flashcards” selected words in your dictionary.
    On a statistical problem are only mentioned under 2. and 3. They contain a very large number of words that have already reached the level 4. For the current statistics is to finally tip the words ( “Known Words”). With these words, far below the statistical no more processed.
    If so, this means that a large part of the “Flashcards” statistically not detected, not recorded. Personal view that this leads to differences and misunderstandings.

Tone, is it possible for you to explain your main point in a couple of lines?

My problem (after major update) is that the learned LingQs are not counted at all. Although I learn them everyday. I use firefox 3.5.2.

Hi Steve,
I’m not sure I understand your question right. Or ask for additional explanations or indirectly suggest that this is my shorter articles? I tried to the two variants: to be short and give further explanations.
Disputed the variant 2 and 3 There are also included words that are already in the stage 4. As an example: in my today current “LingQs of the Day” is 57 words. Of the 50 words of stage 4, 2 words stage 2 and 5 words stage 1. When I make these 57 words correctly 2x in my daily statistics is recorded net of zero. Throughout the 0. Re-activation “LingQs of the Day” do you re-open the 57 words! It would be logical that it contains only 7 words. 50 words is re-qualified to withdraw from the “Flashcards”. These 50 words should be “land” in the statistics. This does not happen. This is a fairly large member of the activity -at least 1 / 3 the time spent- but statistically recorded.O this does writeing many of the members.

The same is happening if I creating “Flashcards” in my “Vocabulary” which included the words the level of 4 (the consolidation of the known). Also a member of such activity remains statistically only partially recorded.

Is my explanation clear enough?


I encourage you to write in English but perhaps include a translation in your native language for clarification. Sometimes your syntax is difficult to follow.



Hi dooo,
Your observation is correct. I understand those of their shortcomings. Currently, therefore, I try to just answer questions that are addressed to me. Then I intend to withdraw for some time. I will take into account what is in your article “reads” between the lines: adult beginner talk (read: write) too much.

You didn’t deduced but the gist is. The essence is: what do you want to say and not how thet you say. Mistakes do all. Especially for beginners. I am sure dear Ed, that you 're not here excluded.

I don’t think Ed was trying to be critical. In fact this is the website and the group that understands that everyone makes mistakes it’s a part of learning…

Thanks ToneN,

I hope we can be friends



Hi Ed,
Do not worry, I did not see your post as offensive. Here they are already among the friends. I hope that you can occasionally go to the questions relating to English. Original is the original, right? I suggest to you that a similar debate was done on our side wall. Because this is not a current topic Forom present.

Perhaps it is because I do not experience the problem, but I cannot understand ToneN’s issue.

I also believe that writing on this forum can be a great way to work on improving English. That is why I suggest to you, ToneN that you limit yourself to shorter messages of few lines which only attempt to make one main point.

When I write in Russian I limit myself to a few lines. If I try to write more there is a great danger that my message will end up being confused.

We are working on certain inconsistencies in the system. Hopefully this will also solve your problem.

Meanwhile, if you had to choose one main point what would it be?

Is it the fact that most of your LingQs of the day are Status 4 words?

Hi generation,
statistics should cover all activities of a member, right? Illogical, the statistics cover the lower activity (reading and listening lessons in term of less than 1 minute). It does not include major activities such as the daily deal with the “LingQs of the Day”. For this work I daily spend around 30 minutes. This work is not reflected in the statistics because the words which have already reached the stage 4 does not take into Progress Snapshot. Such work is -statistically speaking- futile work. This in turn raises the question of meaningfulness “LingQs of the Day” from the standpoint of statistics, of course. At the Forum, the number of members to describe exactly the same problems.

Tone, the statistics measure your Learned LingQs and Known Words. If the LingQs you are reviewing are status 4, they are already Learned and Known. They will not be included in your stats again. However, it is good for your English to review them. :slight_smile: LingQ is not about statistics, it is about learning. If you create more new LingQs in your lessons, you will also have fewer status 4 LingQs to review. We are not about to change anything here.


What are you doing that is not being counted? I use FF 3.5 and everything is working as it should. I see that you do have some Learned LingQs. LingQs are considered learned when they have reached status 4 or Known.