LingQ export problem

I am trying to export all of my LingQs as a .csv file, but I never receive any email. What could be the problem?

You were unsubscribed from our email system. Please give it another try now, I subscribed you back.

Hi Zoran, thank you. It is working now.

Hi Zoran,

I suspect this might be the problem in my case too. I haven’t been able to export LingQs for quite some time now. Would you kindly check if this is the cause ?

Many, many thanks in advance,

Yup, same with your account. Give it another try now. :slight_smile:

Hurray, it works!

Thank you so much, Zoran :slight_smile:

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Hi Zoran, could you check my account as well? This hasn’t been working for me and I am wondering if it is the same issue.


@Danielingq I subscribed you back too. Give it another try. :slight_smile: