LingQ : Sharing- Le Horla

I’m sharing Le Horla folks. There are no copyright restrictions on the audio portion of Le Horla. What’s more, the entire text is available free online. Chapters 1-6 already exist in the library in a different collection. I can either provide the rest of the chapters 7-30 or the entire book.

Should we consolidate LingQ’s collection with mine (yes, with mine), or should there remain two separate collections (one partial, one complete)?

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Yvette, the version of Le Horla that we have is a sample from a commercial audio book producer.

I would suggest that you put your collection up as a separate collection and call it the complete version. I can edit the collection description for what we now have so that it is understood that only the first 6 chapters are available.


Will do! Thank you!

Done. We do have 12 sections in our resources but only 4 are shared. Maybe one day we will offer commercial audio books here but at a price.

I think that’s an awesome idea! Would it be too far reaching to have a section of non-downloadable audiobooks? Of course, many language learners want to travel with their audiobooks; yet having an audiobook section to visit, so to speak, would provide access to a wider range of texts.