LingQ error

Hello. I’m a free user at this point, and I can’t see any new words. When I try to look up new words, it says “oops, you need to upgrade to add more words.” I’m not ready to upgrade, I just want to use the free features for now, and not create more lingQs. I tried to delete some of the lingQs that I already made, but that didn’t change it.

@melimags - That’s the way it works. If you have created 20 LingQs, you understand how that functionality works. The lesson audio and texts are all free but the functionality of creating LingQs, vocabulary tracking and importing content must be paid for once your 20 LingQs and 3 Imports have been used. You are able to earn more LingQs by referring friends to join. You get 20 LingQs per referral.

It was my understanding that I could still use the dictionary, just not create lingQs. I’m fine with not being able to create lingQs, but I can’t even see a dictionary when the words are in blue. Maybe this was purposefully done this way, but I thought I would still have access to the dictionary, just not have the creating LingQs, vocab tracking, and importing content functions.

The seeing texts and audio is pretty useless if the dictionary won’t work.

@melimags - It is designed to disable the dictionary as well. We spend a lot of time and resources developing and improving the site. We feel the functionality is worth the price. This includes the dictionary.