LingQ Difficulties!

Hey, I’ve been using ling for about over a week now I guess, and I’m having a little problem. Well maybe big. At first I understood the method of learning with LingQ, but now I dont think I get it because, for instance how am I suppose to understand what they are saying simply through looking at the words? And especially in a language like Japanese. I don’t know HOW to read Kanji so how would I know how to read it, and much less replicate it?

What I’ve been doing is translating the text with google translate and that’s how I understand the audio and text, but otherwise I feel lost. Basically it’s not making sense to me. How is my mind suppose to know how to speak a language simply by listening to it and seeing what the words are in my native language? That’s not telling me how to use them in other sentences, or how to speak with correct grammar. I’m sorry this also isn’t a critical post because I still like lingQ in general. And will continue to try to learn with it. I just wanted some help and clarity here haha.



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Hi Pierre!

If you are fairly new to Japanese, you may want to try podcasts with Romaji instead of hiragana and Kanji.
I’ve noticed that you can choose from romaji, hiragana, or hiragana/kanji for several of the podcasts now.
In other words, there are three versions of the same podcast, so you can choose which script is best for you at your level.

Oops! I didn’t see Yutaka-san’s post.

Haha it’s okay Maitee. Thank you both very very much! I appreciate it =D