LingQ creation and learning goals

I’m a little bit confused about the difference between the goals in creating and learning lingQs. Mine are more or less 90 for creation and 50 for learning (per week).
So I’m expected to learn only about half of the lingQs created. Is it a good thing, just leave alone half of new words? What is the intention in stablishing such a difference? Ok, I agree it’s a little bit unreal to expect to learn everything, but I think the gap is too big… On my side, I’m trying to learn a greater rate of lingQs created, since I think creating lingQs is a very time-consuming task (although it’s much better than using a dictionary!). So, I don’ t like the idea of just throwing half of my work away…
What do you think about it?

I think your are not throwing the words away since they still in you vocabulary list. You can save many words, my vocabulary lists are vey big and I think I cannot manage to learn word at the same speed as I learn save them. In my opinion the learning goals are ok.