LingQ counting coins instead of known words?

So, I’ve been trying to get figure out how I get the old counting system back but can’t find a way.
Does anyone know how I get to see how many words I’ve lingqed instead of how many coins I earned? I know that I can go to statistics and check there, but can’t I get a pop-up on my words instead of my coin?
It irritates me that coins are being counted instead of know words since I don’t see how that’s supposed to be useful.
Also, why do I have a suddenly have a streak although I haven’t been active for a few days?
If anyone has some answers I’d be really glad, this new update threw me off and I’m getting annoyed being on LingQ, which is a shame because I’ve loved it for the past few years

Regarding LingQs created number, you will need to check your statistics.
Streak goal system has been changed and is now based on Coins earned, no longer LingQs created. So you will see Coins earned notifications instead of LingQs created. That can’t be changed at the moment.
You will, also, still get popup notifications when you reach Known words milestone, as was the case in the previous version.

In my opinion, one advantage of the new coin system is that you can continue your streak just by reviewing words that you’ve already LingQed. In the previous version of LingQ, you obviously had to LingQ new words and phrases to continue your streak. For me, that was 25 new words and phrases a day, which was 175/week. That was a lot of new words and phrases, considering that I probably only learned 30-50 Lingqs a week. The new coin system fixes that “imbalance”, and it takes less time to continue your streak. Also keep in mind that 100 coins is the “bare minimum” to continue your streak. The more dedicated users of LingQ will probably earn double or triple that amount or more.