LingQ bookmarklet and extension won't work anymore

I used those two tools a while back and they worked fine.
Now I am back to studying with LingQ and nothing…

I first tried the extension, but the texts won’t open in lingQ. Import doesn’t work at all. Sometimes, if I am lucky, I can lingQ the text in the original window in my browser. Other than that, I will have to copy and paste manually.

So I tried the bookmarklet, but zilch…
I clicked on the bookmarklet, and it told me to pick a text. So I did, but when I clicked on the bookmarklet again it would not react at all.
I am using google chrome. Am I doing something wrong? How can I fix this? Wikipedia does not work with those two tools anymore. It used to work very well, and now it keeps telling me that I should import https sites manually…

Could someone please help? Thanks

Hi Safran,
Sorry about that! Yes, there are some issues with Import Bookmarklet and Chrome extension, and they don’t work properly on all websites. We hope to have it fixed after we fully implement 4.0 version of LingQ. Thanks for your patience!

I’m not able to get the new tab to open to lingq. The “LingQ Here” works - but even in the new 4.0 I’m not getting a new tab to open in order to import into LingQ and I’ve tried it on my PC (Win 7) and my wife’s laptop (Win. 10) I click and see the toolbar say “importing into LingQ” but nothing happens. No new tab opens to LingQ for the import. Once again. the “LingQ Here” DOES work fine - so at least that’s good for surfing.

Sorry scoreperfect, we’ll do our best to improve the extension as soon as we can!

Sounds good, thanks!
P.S. I do realize a lot of the problem is not LingQ, but more likely because Chrome is constantly updating it’s browser and then things “break”. But the auto-import is a great, great feature so I would certainly keep it high on the priority list to be maintained. (Of course what do I know LOL :wink: Thanks Zoran! ~ Daniel Léo Simpson ~ Composer ~ San Francisco

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