Lingq being a mass immersion method, how much time should i spend on lingq a day?


I would like to know how much time I should spend using lingq every day to ensure it’s effective. Disregarding other activities in life, (because i can always find time) how much time should I spend on lingq every day? I like to set goals, so if you could give me an exact time that would be good. thanks

Difficult to say… I would say as much as you can, but you probably won’t like that answer.

Personally - for me - I would say less than an hour per day isn’t really worth it. Personally, I usually go for at least one hour, but ideally 2 or 3 - but that really depends on my job/family and the amount of time I can find to dedicate to lingq.

I’d recommend you to do a 90 day challenge. Use lingq for an amount of time you are quite comfortable with every day for 90 days without fail. Regardless of the amount of time you spend, you should see quite some progress after 90 days.

then realize that if you had spent double that time, the amount you would have learned would have increased similarly. You’ll find a balance somewhere there between efficiency and what works for you.

just my two cents :slight_smile:


aye thanks, i was thinking the same thing; 1 hr a day isn’t seeming very effective for me.

Any amount of time, other than none, is effective. What is optimal, is determined by you…

Try to do at least a little every day, but don’t stress if you can’t. Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes and frankly it is sometimes good to take a break. Taking a break, in my opinion, can often help. It’s like a sponge…or if you’re in Dallas the past couple of days, the soil…you can absorb only so much before it just sits there puddling on the surface. A break can let it absorb in.

Is there an urgency to get to a specific goal? If not you can be much more leisurely. I’d say simply shoot for a doing a little more than maybe you really want to per day. Whether that’s 10 min, or a few hours, that’s your time. If you start to feel burned out, reduce the time and/or take a break for a day or two. You want to keep a pace that will allow you to keep working at the language everyday. That is the optimal amount of time. If you do to much and burn yourself out, you’ll take a break for two weeks and never come back. If you do an amount that you can keep at it every day, even just 10 minutes, is enough to progress. You will take more time at this lower amount, but it can be done (this is my journey so far).

I think for myself, if I had all day, I’d probably ready for a half hour to an hour a day and try to listen to a half hour or hour a day on top of that. Then I would do other things. As I progress and get better I would start listening and watching things in the target language for longer periods and probably keep the same reading pace (I often just fall asleep after reading for a few minutes LOL). Others may be able to spend more time and still keep an everyday pace, so I don’t think one can just specify a specific optimal number for YOU. That’s why I suggest the guidelines above. Find that amount where you can keep going every day. Push it a little bit and see if you can keep the pace. Back off when necessary.

Also, you can find pockets of time to put in some work. Are you standing in line at the grocery store? Read a paragraph or two. Doing dishes? listen to a podcast. These will add up.


yes, but you do need to give it some time. You probably won’t notice anything in a week. or even in a month. you need to see the same words/sentences/grammar patterns again and again for weeks on end.

That’s why I recommend 90 days. Whatever you are doing, you will see something after 90 days.