LingQ App screenshots

I’m badly curious about the LingQ iPhone App! I can’t find anything on google, could you please post some screenshots of the app?


Adalberto, the app is waiting to be approved by iTunes. Hopefully it will be up in the iTunes app store within a week or so. In the meantime, you can see how it works here, LingQ iPhone Apps. That is the Italian version of the page. The English version is here, LingQ for iOS. It’s a simple flashcard app but is quite fun to use if you have an iPhone or iPod touch.

I have literally been waiting for you to say that for months, Mark. “Within a week or so” - like music to my ears.

However, I will ask, (N.B. not unappreciatively) - is actual content not available through the app? That is to say, can we not take lessons and create LingQs? If not, is there a plan for this to be done in the near future, as it is sort of a pain to do it through Safari on the iPhone.

Again, not I’m being, unappreciative, I’m just very excited to use LingQ effectively on miPhone.


You’re right. This app will not have actual content on it. All it is, is a flashcard app for reviewing your LingQ vocabulary. We deliberately started with a very simple app to get something up relatively quickly. We want to see how this app goes before we look in to version 2. However, if everything goes well, we will be looking to upgrade the app quite quickly. The selection of content is probably not too difficult to implement but it’s the LingQ creation functionality that will be tricky. We’ll see.

Excellent, I’m already excited for version 2.0. On another note - while I certainly wouldn’t mind paying for an iPhone app (I pay for lingq, and I think that the app too is a valuable service), can I ask of the app will be free? It seems to me, as someone who eagerly hopes that LingQ will expand greatly, as if the app could be a great marketing tool for the site, and that the clients gained by having a free app far outweigh the potential benefits of having it paid. Just a thought.


You’re right Ely. The iPhone app is definitely a promotional tool and will be free. Of course, it will be very handy for any of our existing members with iPhone or iPod touches as well!

Okay okay… great news… new iphone app… and since it’s being used as a marketing tool it’s free!!! Now do you think you guys at lingq can buy me an iphone, you know… for marketing purposes???

Thanks guys, I’ll email you all my address :slight_smile:

If you’re worried about price I guess I can settle for an itouch…

It’s litteraly like Christmas come early Mark. What am I saying, it’s better that christmas!

blindside, it was going to be a surprise…

I know this might sound crazy since the iPhone version isn’t out yet but do you plan to make a more advanced version for the iPad? It seems to me that this would be the perfect device to use LingQ on since the screen would allow you to read a whole article, save vocab, etc.

Nihao, I think that, at least for now, the iPad is a pretty niche market, and that not enough people are going to have them to validate developing an app (rather, time could be spent adding Arabic to Lingq :wink: ).

Things are developing fast. I think that the iPad or some such tablet is the ideal environment for LingQ. First we want to see how the existing LingQ works on the iPad and then see what we do next, both for the iPad and the iPod, or other mobile devices. All advice and comments are welcome.

I just got an iPad as an early birthday present from my husband (yay!). Of course I had to try out LingQ. I am pretty excited about it. Most things that I care about work well on the iPad, including flashcards, reading a lesson, seeing the lesson LingQs in yellow, and seeing the hint if I click on the LingQ, and seeing my statistics. I can’t listen to the audio of a lesson and can’t seem to create new LingQs. Please let me know if you want more info or if I can help in any way.

Angela, I am envious. iPad has not even been released in Canada yet. At this point we just want to accumulate users’ experiences and suggestions. The new Flash Card app should be available on the iTunes store soon. We have applied.

Then we would like input on what the next iPod/iPad app should be.

I personally think that it should be possible to create new LingQs by touching the screen. Sound should also be available. However, there may be some neat ways to make the iPad experience even better so I await people’s comments. The other things is that far more people will have iPods than iPads,at least in the short term. That might influence what we do.

How about Google Android? It seems to me it will be the ruler of the market, it’s an OS not restricted to apple devices (such as the OS of the iphone), moreover android devices are cheaper than any version of the iphone

The LingQ App is now available in the iTunes Store. Let us know what you think.

We would eventually like to add apps for Android and Blackberry as well. We’re starting with iPhone because it seems most popular right now and we’re hoping it will help promote LingQ on the App Store.

Please make sure to rate our new App. Remember this is our first step to making LingQ more mobile. It will make it more convenient to be a LingQer and at the same time make more people aware of our community through iTunes. So please rate it once you have used it.

I have installed it and it had French set as the language. When I changed it to Spanish I got the err message saying that I had to create the lings on the website first.

@marbatis - if you have more than 40 or so active (unarchived) lessons in a language, the app may time out and the lessons list won’t display. Try archiving some of your lessons and then try again.