Lingq App - Option to download recordings?

Hello! Apologies if this has already been asked, but I was wondering if there was an option somewhere for whether we want to download recordings or not on the Lingq iPhone app?

I prefer to listen to the recordings on my laptop and just use the app on my other devices for reading and at the moment it automatically downloads the recordings using my monthly bandwidth allowance, which I’d rather save for other things.

Does the option exist or is it something that could be implemented?

Thanks and keep up the great work…love this site!! :slight_smile:

It would also be nice if we could set our own cache size.

@JerseyMark - At the moment there isn’t a way to open lessons on the app and have the audio not download. Any audio files that are downloaded will be stored on your device, so you can open lessons when connected to wifi then review them when on 3G without using additional data to redownload the audio file.

@solanderdog - Thanks for the suggestion. We will look into this when we get a chance.

It looks like you implemented my suggestion to not automatically download audio files…thank you! :slight_smile:

Sorry @JerseyMark, there is a problem with the audio right now, unfortunately. It doesn’t load for anyone at the moment.