LingQ App Fails Offline

Before the new app, it used to be that once you opened a lesson using wifi or a data connection and the audio downloaded, you could then open that same lesson up and also listen to the audio which came with that lesson. I have just decided to start using Lingq again but this important feature doesn’t appear to be present anymore. Is this a technical issue? In other words, although i have opened up a lesson previously using wifi or my 4G data connection, once I have no access to the internet I cannot even open up that same lesson again and thus have no access to the audio either.

This is a huge step back in my opinion and this feature is the backbone of LingQ in general in my humble opinion. Without this I don’t believe I can be a premium member unfortunately as using text and audio is probably the only way that I can learn a language without rote methods.

I hope this issue can be sorted out as I’m genuinely worried that I won’t be able to learn languages anymore. To have constant access to wifi or data is unrealistic for everybody especially young students like myself who only have access to wifi at university or at home. Thus I cant listen to the lessons in my dead time outside which is crucial consolidation.

Many Thanks.

@Tourminator - Which app are you using? iOS or Android? It seems to be working for me on iOS. If I open a lesson while online and wait for the audio to download, it seems to be available to me offline. Are these lessons you opened online recently or a while ago. In fact, the offline functionality should be enhanced in the new iOS app with the ability to actually create LingQs and tap blue words now. There is a bug there that requires the lesson be refreshed manually to sync the data now. We are working on that but overall this functionality should be improved now.

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Hi @Tourminator,

To add to what Mark said, offline mode is still supposed to be present in the new iOS app. Unfortunately there is currently an issue where using the course list view can break offline mode. For the moment I would recommend you keep “Lessons” selected rather than “Courses” (using the toggle below/next to the search bar) if you rely heavily on working offline. Using the “Feed” view should also be safe. This will be fixed in the next version.

Also, if you know your device is connected to a very slow or bad network you may want to disable the connection while re-opening lessons. On a bad connection you may end up waiting to view your lesson until the network requests time out and the saved data is displayed.


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I have the latest app using an Apple smartphone and thus IOS. And you have certainly identified the specific problem that I am having. Although having ‘lessons’ selected does work both online and offline it is rather tedius as I do have to troll through a ton of lessons even when I haven’t “recently opened” before getting to the specific lesson that actually was “recently opened”. The ‘courses’ view doesn’t work whatsoever offline. I’m glad you have identified the issue and hope this can be fixed in the meantime. Thank You very much. LingQ is an excellent tool.