LingQ app: daily LingQ's not getting updated


I’ve started using the LingQ App on my iPad. I’ve noticed that the daily LIngQ’s are not getting refreshed. It did show them on one date (8/30/2011), but the LingQs I added yesterday and a few days ago are not showing up. Can you help me resolve this issue?


How many LingQs have you chosen to receive each day? It may be worthwhile increasing this number, as LingQs of the Day includes both old and new LingQs.

I had it set at 25 LingQs each day, but have now changed it to 200.

Note that the LingQs are getting emailed to me correctly, they’re just not showing up within the iPAD app.

Are you connected to the internet on your iPad? Obviously, the LingQs won’t update unless you are.

Yes. I have a connection to the internet.

Note also that the cards are correctly shown within my active lesson. So I can look at them as a complete group by clicking on “Cards” from within the lesson. It’s only when I try and access them through the “Daily LingQ’s” section that I don’t see them. I want to use the Daily LingQ’s because it presents them in smaller groups, and is easy for shorter study sessions.

So, do you simply not see the Daily LingQs list for the last few days or do you see these dates but they are just empty?

I see the dates from 2011-08-26 to 2011-08-30 but all are empty except 2011-08-30, which contains 25 cards (the previous setting). Note that I’ve only been actively adding links over the last few week or so. Is there a delay? For example, will cards that were added yesterday take some time to appear in the list? The date 8/31/2011 is not even shown in the list.

You should always see that last 5 days in the list including today if today’s list has been emailed already. It sounds like your list is not updating properly. Try clicking on different lessons and then coming back to the Daily LingQs tab. If that doesn’t refresh it, you can always try changing the language on the app in Settings and changing it back. Or, close the app and restart it. It is strange that you are having these problems because it is working fine for me and nobody else is reporting this issue.

I changed the language and then changed it back – that fixed the problem and now I see all the daily lingQs. Thanks very much for your help! I hope I don’t have to do this every day to get the refresh working.

You shouldn’t have to. I’m not sure why this happened to you but sometimes the refresh needs a bit of a kick… :slight_smile:

I always have 0 Daily Lingqs whatsoever. (Android)

@eugrus - In our new update, coming in the next week or so, this should no longer be a problem. Give us a bit more time! :slight_smile: