LingQ 5.0 and YouTube

I must be missing something. When I import a YouTube video with the LingQ extension, it uploads the transcript just fine. I then click the button to watch the video, the YouTube window opens and starts the video, but the LingQ window with the transcript and words is behind it and I cannot page through the transcript to follow along or click on the words to add lingqs. I swear I could do this all in one window under the previous version of the Lingq program. Am I wrong, or has this functionality been removed? How do I follow along and watch the video at the same time?

If that large version of the video appears over the top of the lesson, look for the minimize button in the corner of the video player, which will put it in the bottom right corner of the lesson where it doesn’t cover anything and allows you to click, turn pages, etc. without the video interfering

There is a minimize button at the bottom right in a video, if you click on it it will move the video at the bottom right and you will be able to go through words while watching the video.

Ah, rhess, and zoran, thank you so much for your replies, I couldn’t find that button to save my life!