LingQ 4.0 is coming!

No, that is a separate issue we are working on. Sorry about that.

So what’s changing with regards to site plumbing? Have you gone after the bugs that have been plaguing the system? What about the developer API? Will I finally be able to make a sensible tool for bulk lesson import?

I can’t to see what the changes are. I honestly can say LingQ is a part of my daily routine, much like brushing my teeth haha! :smiley:

However, I’m with Kimojima. If there would be some sort of system where it’s more personalized and more systematic (as opposed to 100% independence with zero ways to track and monitor your process other than stats).

And a library. Please, an organized library is a least.

Its great to hear what people want. I agree about the need for a better way to lead people to relevant content at their level. It won’t all happen at once. There is lots to do.
@Dimethylamine what do you mean by tracking your progress other than stats. What would you like to see?

Hmmm… 10 roses tells me I’m not the only one who feels this way. I realise you are new, but it would be more reassuring if it could explained what changes have been made to your processes and resourcing to ensure that less bugs slip though the net. LingQ is a good product and has even better potential, but QA has consistently been a let down and stops me from recommending the site to others given that it’s a paid service.

I’m not sure exactly, perhaps a meter of some sort to show what you’ve been studying, such as science, history, conversation, etc. or something that shows what you have been studying or some kind of study plan guide.

Interesting idea, and I agree. This is part of our long term plan and we will gradually work in that direction.

How about some sort of indicator that shows how far away one is from the next writing/speaking award?

If dictionary results were displayed in an iframe that would be awesome. or perhaps some begginer lessons with visual markers for tenses/plural.

That’s good to hear. I love how LingQ works (it’s so simple, but really the best I’ve seen), as it can exist as long as content gets published.

However, staying on focus is hard when it’s 100% independence (compared to DuoLingo). I’m currently am in a bind and I can’t find any good podcasts and scripts to read that keep me motivated or pertain to conversation, so I end up resorting to searching via VK (social media) and Reddit.

I have one small annoying issue, the word counter. Everytime I move to a new page I lose a word, don’t know if anyone else experiences that.

Anyway that and maybe more efficient use of the screen, (reduce/erase the background and also the blue word counter) for greater ease of use.

Otherwise I’m happy with Lingq. I’m lucky enough to have plenty of time to use it most days and I can’t imagine a better method.

I happens to me to however I have noticed that when I mark a word as known for the first time after I have open a lesson it counts it as two words. So if I the word counter shows 1000 and I add a word to known in a lesson it goes from 1000 to 1002. After that it continues to count normally once I move to another page it removes that extra word it counted in the beginning.

Here is a example for clarification

I have 1000 to start with.
I move 25 to known (it should be 1025) but it shows 1026
I move to another page and it removes one so that it is 1025 as it should be

Thanks for the feedback everyone. We’ve got some good stuff planned. Hopefully addressing a lot of the concerns you have brought up here. We are also making note of some of the suggestions that we may not get to in this update but which we hope to get to after.

I noticed that you have a “Sentence” and Clip" feature. They don’t seem to be fully functional yet but along with this it would be great to add the ability to record your own voice and playback to help with pronunciation. Many people (myself included) listen and read sentences then record there voice, play back and compare it to the native speakers recording. I do this offline and use content that I have. It would be a great feature to add to lingq and is the only way I have found (for self study) to really correct pronunciation, especially for tonal languages like mandarin.

Thanks for the suggestion Danno!

“Linq 4.0 is coming” was announced ~5 months ago. When will it arrive?

Hi Danno,

Great question! We announced this in Jan. when we first decided we’re going to be updated the site. Now, 5 months later, we’re in the testing stages with a Beta version. We asked one of our Academy students what they thought of the beta version, here’s the video: LingQ Academy Live - Talking about the Beta | By LingQ | Facebook

Are some of the more seasoned members here going to be able to beta test this? It will need some real world testing, and real users tend to have wildly differing workflows of which you may not be aware.

Absolutely! We have a limited beta going already and are planning on opening it up to a larger group next week. If you are interested, we can add you to the beta. Just let me know.

Good to know that Major Tom is coming down to earth. Brilliant news.