Lingq #12 Brezhnev podcast

This is a really interesting interview and a gold nugget for my Russian studies, but it has a terrible amount of spelling mistakes.

Here are the ones I noticed:
Ну, сейчас уже ладеко не бесплатное образование
у нас никак по-дркгому
Я помню, ято я его называл «дядя Леня
В памяти в нашей семье оностался добрым
это ростт производительности и так далее и тому подобное.

I think there were some more as well.

Also the previous parts of the interview had some mistakes. I hope they will be fixed. Thanks!

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Thanks for finding this. It’s cool to find another interesting piece from the library.

No problem. Yea there are many great lessons. I think I should make a list of my favorite lessons or courses in a spread sheet. With a link. It’s not always easy to navigate the lingq library, although it has been improving.

I wonder if there is a discussion in lingq of your favorite Russian lessons.Would be great if we could recommend the best ones that other people may have missed. Maybe arranging them by the level. Yes, I will start that conversation if I don’t find it in the forum. Have you found a conversation like that in the forum Jake?

Exactly, I need to make a way to keep track of my progress better and remember lessons, because the library here is not very well organized.

How do you do it?

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