Line break

Is it possible to insert a line break when posting /replying to a message in someone’s wall? If I click Enter, it just submits my message.


Hold the shift key while you hit the enter key. That should allow you to make line breaks. Works for me!

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m afraid it doesn’t work for me. I’m using Firefox, which browser are you using?


I take that back. It doesn’t work for responding to messages, just for posting new ones. And shift seems unnecessary. I guess you could always use Alt+255 and make a bunch of blank spaces if nothing else works.

Thanks, I even tried to insert the html code for line break, but it doesn’t work either.

It is possible when posting a message, but not yet when replying with a comment.

Hi Alex, thanks for replying. Is it in the wishlist? I think it prevents readability, mainly if you insert a URL.

I’ve added it to our list :slight_smile: