Limited number of words selectable in writing correction interface

I just corrected a text submitted by our devoted Italian learner Paul (pmilone). It was a text where natural usage of the language was essential. This meant that I needed to edit or rewrite long portions of the text. However, when I tried to select a 3-line long sentence, the system didn’t manage to load the correction boxes. The message “loading” was displayed for a long time and nothing happened. I had this issue on both Chrome and Firefox, and only when I selected longer parts of text, so I suspect that is the reason.
If the purpose to have a text corrected is to “Try to make the finished writing sound natural. It should read as if a native speaker could have written it” (as suggested on the, now hidden, Write help page: Write Help, and more exactly, here: Write Help), we correctors should be allowed to select as many words as we need to make the text sound natural. Or are those recommendations no longer valid? By the way, I already asked you to publish the content of the Write help page where writing correctors can find it. The new Exchange help page only has two lines and no recommendations at all.
I know that few people submit writings for correction, but you should allow us serve them well.
Thanks for your attention,

@mikebond - We are unlikely to increase the limit on the number of words you can select for a correction. You will have to break your correction into sections. Sorry about that. In fact, the idea isn’t to select 3-line sentences but to try to replace shorter sections while incorporating the learners original thoughts and intentions. We will look at whether or not we need to add more help questions about writing correction to the Exchange page.

I think there should be a total re-write option.

Sometimes it takes a corrector more time to use the editor than to do a total rewrite.

It is certainly possible to incorporate the learners original thoughts and intentions in a total rewrite.

Who’s to judge what a user wants. On an open exchange if a corrector does a total rewrite and the user does not like it, they have the option to award zero points.

If I’m not mistaken, there is a comment field, it can perhaps be used for that purpose.