Limit to Known Word Tabulation for Free Memberships?

I have a free membership, Is there a limit to the number of known words I can numerically tabulate on LingQ? I deleted many lingQed word, tossing the ones that I I now know. This brought my tabulated total down to 1000 and my total lingQs to 19. And yet I cannot add additional known words. The Oops message let’s me know that I need to upgrade in order to add more linqQs but I am not attempting to add lingQs. Is there a 1000 limit for free memberships or am I doing something incorrectly? Merci bien.

The size of the free members database has been reduced to 20. Free members can add another 20 words and phrases to their personal database for every person they refer to LingQ. This can go on up to a total of 500, which is then a hard limit. Deleting words does not add new space in the database.

Of course the lessons in the library remain available for free access and download.

Hi, Steve. It is great that, at this time, the library remains available to me for free access and download. Thank you. Am I at my current limit of words that can be tabulated as “known words” because I have maxed-out my allotment of database space and cannot free up space by deleting from any area of LingQ?

Yes, you can’t access known words tracking functionality once you have hit your LongQ limit.

Thank you, Mark. I see. The number of known words can no longer be tracked, can no longer be added to. Got it. Have a great week. :slight_smile: