Limit on Signup time with tutor?

Is there a limit to how late someone can sign up for a discussion or conversation? I thought I read somewhere that you had to signup within an hour of the discussion starting, but I had a student sign up 4 min before one began.

I’ve just had someone trying to join in 15 minutes into a conversation!

Yikes! Is this something that can be changed? My worry is that some students will be missed simply because the tutor didn’t receive the email in time.

I’ve decided not to rely on the e-mail - I keep the tutor page open and refresh it every minute or so until the conversation start time - or, if no-one has signed up, until about 5 minutes past the hour.

It is a bit of a nuisance in that it takes a couple of minutes when a new student signs up, to find them on skype, figure out what their name is, find their lingQ profile etc. And of course, if you are actually in the conversation, it isn’t quite straightforward to add another participant.

People can sign up for discussions right up until the last minute so you should check your conversation list right before you start the conversation. I would not rely on the email. Anyone who does join after the conversation has already started will have to contact you. You are not expected to keep checking the conversation listing once the conversation has started!

If participants are late or sign up late, they are instructed to contact you instead of waiting to be contacted. If they do, you can add them to the conversation by right-clicking on their icon and selecting “Add to conversation”.

If there is nobody signed up and you plan something else for that time, go and cancel the conversation so that nobody can sign up late.

1 on 1 times, on the other hand, are removed from the Conversations page 12 hours ahead. I am not sure why we have this inconsistency between group and 1 on1 conversations but there it is. Which do you prefer? Having a cutoff time or leaving conversations open to the last minute?

I can cope with people signing up at the last minute, But having someone ring me while I’m having a group conversation tends to confuse me.

There is currently a page with a button that says “start conversation”. I would like that to be “close off the sign-up list and start the conversation”. If no-one has signed up, that would automatically cancel it.

I agree with skyblueteapot (great name!). I think that would be an excellent solution.

We could do that but it still doesn’t prevent people from showing up late and phoning you part way through. Although, once you get used to it, right clicking on the new person calling through and adding them to the conversation is quite painless. (Assuming Skype doesn’t change anything in the meantime!)

I don’t mind students being late if I was expecting them in the first place! It means I’ve already checked their names, countries, ability levels and so on.

We’re not about to do anything there in the short term so we can continue thinking about what might work best.