Level selection of library not working

Hi, I have used the ‘level’ tag on many imported lessons (Danish). But when I look at the library overview screen, whatever I do with the ‘level’ slider on top of the screen, the lessons shown of both imported and existing topics remain the same. Eg, when I set the slider to ‘advanced 1 → advanced 2’, all my lessons on level ‘beginner 2’ are still shown. Am I doing something wrong or is this an issue? This seems like an issue reported on 19 march 2023 in the support and feedback forum but apparently it is still there.

I asked our team to check this. Thanks for reporting.

Hi @PYS !
If I understand you correctly, you mean the showing of lessons on the “Continue Studying” shelf in the Library. When on the Library main (overview) page this certain shelf should not obey the Knowledge Level slider position. Only if you open it by clicking on the “View all” button and choose the Level manually.

Hi Denys, thanks for the respons! It clarifies something but this is still confusing:

  • not only ‘continue studying’ does not ‘obey’ the slider, the other lessons too. Eg, ‘mini stories’: With the slider on ‘beginner 1’, it shows other levels just as well
  • if the slider on top of that library page has no effect on the library items below it, why is it standing there on top of that page?
  • when going to ‘view all’, the level chosen is working! thanks for clarifying.
    It would make much sense if the slider on the library page would select the level of everything below it. We all have a level (-range) in a language, so why not showing the library items of that level?