Level change

Hi, I know this shouldn’t bother me but why does my little creature guy not change when I have reached over 575 words in Spanish? It should change to say beginner 2, right? I was aiming for level beginner 2 by a certain time which I achieved, which is probably why it bothers me. Thanks for any input. - Casey.

It will change when you finish another lesson. It’s the lesson finished mechanism in the system that triggers the change. If your known word number reaches beginner 2 before you have finished a lesson or if it’s been a while that you have finished your last lesson, you have to wait till you have freshly finished a new lesson to have the change.

Okay, thanks. I reached it by using the exercises on the site (multiple choice and the one where you type the word). I tend to do some lessons then study the words that way, then do more lessons etc.