Lets talk about programming!

So guys, do you have any experience in programming? What languages do you know?

Hi! It is a very good post! I like it.
I am programming with C and a little with C# (.NET). I write programs for embedded systems (C) and for computers software (C#).
Also, i know more programming languages, but not well (like asm, asp, php, html, java, python).
Are you programmer?

Started a diploma in Software Development last year, and so far my main language is Java. Will be starting others soon. So far I’ve built a calculator program which was good.

I’m familiar with Python 3, but now I’m learning Java and I really like it so far.

I have B.S. in Computer Engineering (basically a mix of computer science with electrical engineering, focused on embedded systems) and am pursuing my M.S. in Software Engineering degree. I have 7 years of professional work experience with C#, some Java experience, and am quickly brushing up on my Javascript and jQuery for this LingQ Firefox addon we have started creating. On the embedded systems side I am most familiar with Atmel AVR and Freescale processors. I tend to use straight up C while writing for embedded systems. My very first programming language was C++ but moved to .NET for pc and enterprise software as soon as possible.

I have noticed that there seems to be a high level of computer programmers within the “language learning” community. Perhaps this has to do with the tendency of the computer programmer to be an autodidact?

We typically notice what we want to notice. :slight_smile:

I have some experience with programming, I’ve used C#.NET/ASP.NET for work along side SQL for a couple of years now, I’ve previously used VB.NET for work and when at university I taught myself VB6 although I’ve moved away from VB/VB.NET now. I’ve never used Java professionally, but I have written my own Android app with Java (a kanji app to help myself with my Japanese studies) we I plan to put up at some point for free, and I’m now picking up some Javascript so that I can lend a hand for the add-on that Odiernod mentioned. I’ve also used a tiny bit of some other things like C++, python and PHP, but not a whole lot.

@odiernod - I didn’t realize that the Firefox add-on would require Javascript, how exactly does that language come into play? I just assumed the Firefox add-on would require a compiled language of some sort instead. I might be able to help if Javascript is used… while my experience is just limited to school, (currently working on a BS in IT) the programming experience that I do have tends to be with scripting languages such as Javascript. Anyway, if you give me an idea of what you need done in that language I can at least take a crack at it and see what I come up with.

I taught myself a bit of C#, and i just started college with a major in accounting and a minor in computer systems info :slight_smile: i have an “intro to programming” class next quarter. should be easy enough