Let's make sure we identify ourselves as providers and give credit to other references

We have more great content from new providers. Alejandro has given us some Spanish content “cinco razones” but did not leave his Provider name.

I believe it is Serge who recorded the recipe “Velouté de potimarron et scones au fromage” but no provider name was left there. In this case Serge is the provider but it would be good to also leave the URL of Clea as appreciation for letting use the material, and because it is interesting for our members to visit these blogs.
the link is

Please leave your provider name so that you can earn points. Note that content will be available free but points will be awarded afterwards once we start our new system. Anything that is up there now will be earning points.

We identify ourselves as providers even if we only do the recording and not the text?

Yes, there will be a variety of ways that people will contribute content. Since we are going to offer content free of charge and reward the contributors afterwards, I suggest that the Provider be the person who put up the content. I would like to see any sources acknowledged in the footer, with appropriate URLs.

We will have to set up a scale for reward points, depending on whether the item was simply loaded and shared (assuming it is free of copyright), recorded, or transcribed. We are also going to make it possible for members to tip each other for work done as well so we need to keep track of who is doing what.

The Providers will also be able to track their own submissions to see what is popular.

These ideas are evolving.

Steve, please check my japanese content and look at the providers, I would like to know if that format is good. I am puting my name, my homepage and the source name and homepage too.

Actually, you don’t need to create a Provider for yourself in order for us to identify you as the creator of the content. We do keep this information in the system and we will eventually display it for all to see.

The idea behind the Provider is for you, the content creator, to identify or promote yourself or your site to the readers. Marianne, in the case where you are uploading someone else’s content, you should probably not be the Provider. You should identify the source of the content as the Provider instead. We will know that you were the creator of the content Item and once we have a system for awarding points to content creators, you will get the points for all Items you upload.


In the case of the Nihongo-juku content you uploaded, you should really identify Nihongo-juku as the provider and link to their site. If you like, you can mention yourself in the Provider description, since we don’t display Item creator anywhere at the moment.