Let us share things without audio

I just spent hours putting in one of my favorite books ever and spent a lot of time to make sure it was formatted correctly and that it just looked freakin good and was easy to read for everyone! I went to share it and it said I couldn’t because there was no audio…so I generated some. It said I couldn’t share it with generated audio. While I believe that having audio helps a lot I also believe that being able to share without it would be helpful too. For instance, I’m reading that entire book in spanish using LingQ without audio, because I’m just reading. It’d be great if we were able to share out books and articles and such without HAVING to have everything recorded and I think LingQ is missing out on a lot of potential content for it’s users that are just sitting in peoples libraries because they can’t share it.


Do you have permission to share these books? It’s not always needed of course but if it is a modern book that you bought then it will be and you should not share it.

I don’t see the point in having the library full of texts without audio. Anyone can find an almost unending supply of text without audio without the LingQ library.


People can find ebooks, pdfs, etc and import them into LingQ. But many times, like I found, it just doesn’t import in a format that is well laid out or it’s divided into 48 parts instead of 15 chapters, etc. It’d be helpful if people that took that time to format it correctly, make sure the lines didn’t break at weird places, that the paragraphs were actually paragraphs and not just there because there was a page break, etc. It’s a lot of work to do. And having content that is parsed and good looking over something that was quickly converted and looked awful would make the amount of good content go a long way.

I personally use LingQ because I love being able to track what words I know and don’t know, etc and probably 60% of the time I don’t even use the audio when I’m using LingQ. Different people use this system in different ways and I’m sure I can’t be the only one that does this.

Content knows when there is audio attached, so filtering out things that have audio or not, depending on what you’re looking for shouldn’t be that difficult


I understand what you are saying about audio, because I can read in Spanish, but if it was in a language I was less familiar with, I would definitely need the audio. Higher levels probably don’t need to require audio… But, like ColinJohnstonov said, do you have the rights to that book? Unless it is really old, it probably shouldn’t be shared in its entirety on LIngQ anyway. You have to have express permission from the author, or it needs to be in the public domain, or it needs to be a small excerpt. You know?


I think for books published in the normal way, you need permission from the publisher, and you won’t get it.

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