Let us discuss the Hunger Games Movie Vs. Book

In an open and friendly environment, I invite each of you to discuss in English your thoughts on the Hunger Games Movie vs. Book. We will start from the beginning and move our way through the book and movie until we find things to talk about. I believe this will be an easy and exciting way for non-English native speakers to voice their opinions in a comfortable environment.

All are welcomed,

no thanks !too much violence!

The book was excellent, I thought, but not having seen the movie, I can’t compare them.

violence? Oh oh, my granddaughter read all the books and just saw the movie.

Violence? I’m not sure because I haven’t seen the movie but I read and heard about the review somewhere and I think it is about a game in which everybody has to kill each other, so I got really discouraged to see the movie since I’m fed up with violence not just in the movies but also in the news and in the real life, I think that’s enough.
I understand sometimes in a movie there has to be some colateral violence, but being the main topic to kill each other… no thanks, that’s not for me.


I agree with AI3 … There are already enough shitheads everywhere in the world to give them more bad ideas yet …


It’s rated PG-13, I think… How bad could it possibly be?

I’ve seen many violent movies, tv shows and played many violent computer games in my life. I’m not a violent person whatsoever. To those who think that these things cause violence - you’re obviously not using your brains a whole lot. Gotta have a scapegoat. :slight_smile:

If you haven’t read the books or seen the movie you are not allowed to have an opinion on it.