Let me introduce

HI! My name’s Svetlana (Sevil). I want to tell my history of learning language. My English not very well now, but I hope improve it. I was born in Ukraine. My father ukrainian, mother greece (her family immigrated may be 200 years ago). My mom always talking with me in russia but with her family communicate only greece. And my dad had only ukrainian language. Because I think I have two native language-russian&ukranian. When I was 9 years I start to study germane language in the school. Unfortunately, my family forced to move other city after one year. New school does not Germane teacher and I forced to learn English. In Soviet Union for foreign language given little bit attention. Only 45 min in a week or 1 hour sometimes. Lessons were not fun as well. After school I knew alphabet and several phrases.
When I was 15 years I think to learn Spanish.I bought a book for study and learned to write and to read. In Institute I continued to learn English and Spanish but this lessons reminded lessons in my school. I wanted to know foreign language but didn’t how.
Now I know Arabic language because it native language my husband. My children talk with me in Russia, with my husband in Arabic and go to English school. Totally they know three language. But now I think to learn independently English language. I study English independently only four month and this is my first letter. I know that I have many mistakes but this is better than nothing. I many listening and reading and now I wiil to study by LingQ. I’m happy because I see results. I hope I’ll to now English very well. After I dream to study Spanish, French, Greek, Latin. Now I read the book by Steve Kaufmann “The Linguist on Language ”. This is very correct book it help me and give hope.
I interesting can learn languages parallel, simultaneously or better step by step towards the best result? I want to start French but I don’t now may be this is bother me in the study English. Tell me about it, please.