Lessons will not load

My lessons won’t load on Lingq desktop on my laptop and on my phone the app incorrectly indicates the phone is offline. I have signed out of the program on my laptop and have restarted my phone but nothing works. Any suggestions?

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Sorry about that! Should be fixed now.

Been getting this same issue on the app for about 5 hours now. Web works fine.

I am still having this same problem. LingQ app on iOS keeps saying that i am offline. But I know I am not. All other apps are connecting and streaming just fine. Any suggestion?

Also having the same issue on IOS with the app showing “offline.” 99% of my lessons won’t load either.

iOS app is still affected with the issue, we will deploy another fix today and that should solve the app problem too.

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Thanks Zoran!

Everything should be back to normal now in the app too. Thanks again for your patience everyone!

Worked for me this morning, thank you for the update.