Lessons, which are longer than 30minut do not have a possibility to be opened

Hi Lingq’s support:)

For a while, I’ve been encountering the following issue, with the lessons which duration is over 30 minutes.

While trying to open a file, there always appears the same message.

‘An error has occurred while processing your request. Depending on the type of error, it may be automatically logged and reviewed by our team so please retry your request in a few minutes. If you are still getting this error message after a few minutes, please email us at support@lingq.com.’

Here is an example;

The ID of the course; Login - LingQ
The ID of the lesson from this course; Login - LingQ

The next instace below;
The ID of the course; Login - LingQ
The ID of the lesson; Login - LingQ

It will be gratefully appreciated, If someone could have a look at it.
Thank you in advance.

Hi Karat555,
Sorry about that. Would you please give us permission to access your LingQ account and fix the issue? If you agree, please email us at support(at)lingq.com with your login informations. Thanks!

Hi Zoran,
Well, of course I can, however, I’m not certain whether it will be helpful or not, because I’m not a provider of this context.

Does it make any difference Zoran?

Hi Karat,
Actually don’t worry about it, the issue should be fixed now. Please try to access this lessons now. Thanks!

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Everything runs impeccably now.

Tnak you very much:)