Lessons: Tags for LingQ-ed items. Vocabulary: Terms

Lessons: Tags for LingQ-ed items.

When I have LingQ-ed an item, I have the option to add a tag. Can I use this tag to give labels such as ‘Noun’, ‘Verb’ etc.? And then, when I practice with flashcards, sort out and practice only nouns?

Or, in the Vocabulary section, choose to display only words according to a certain label? Because I have got so many words now, so it would be more easy to get an overview if I could split up the word lists in Vocabulary according to labels.

Can I give more than one label for each LingQ-ed item? For instance, one label to sort out all nouns, another label to sort out all vocabulary for a certain course book?

Vocabulary: Terms

Is this just another way to add more words without having to LingQ first? Can I somehow sort terms according to labels (se above)?

Yes that is how tags are used. You can create as many tags as you want, and you can have more than one tag for each term (word or phrase)

Once you create a Tag, this Tag will appear on your vocabulary page enabling you to look at lists of words that you have labeled with a specific tag.

You can add a single term (word or phrase) or a List of terms.

BTW we would love to get some Swedish content from you. We are looking for beginner and easy content, as well as any podcasts or more advanced material you might be able to find.

I’ll take a thorough look to see what I can find. How about the copyright? Should I try to find things that I find interesting, and can be of use for learners of Swedish as well, and then let you know?

Hi, we had the topic copyright here in some threads. You have to be very careful with! The best is, you are able to ask the provider or owner and even in this case the best is to get a written permission! Otherwise you can have great and expensive problems.

As Irene says, copyright is an issue. If yo find interesting content please check what they say on their site. You may have to approach them to ask. If in doubt please just let me know. You can also create content. The content created in German by Irene and Vera are good examples.

We have been successful in getting permission from many sources of content since we provide a link to their website. In the case of podcasters we provide transcripts for the podcasters.