Lessons stop playing

I’ve been having difficulties the past couple of days playing lessons. More often than not, the audio stops mid-way through the lesson and I cannot get it to start again without leaving the page and coming back - when it proceeds to stop again. This issue just started yesterday and I’m having no other problems. Thanks.

@crowderd - Would you be able to tell us which browser and operating system you are using? Also, do you find this for specific lessons or for all lessons in general?

I’m using Internet Explorer…this has happened with lessons from the German, Russian, and Spanish libraries, so I think it applies to lessons in general.

These interruptions have been happening to me today, listening to lessons from the Russian library, using Google Chrome.

@crowderd - OK. Do you know which version of IE you are using?

@Ernie - After your reply I tried it on Chrome but haven’t had any issues yet in listening to lessons.

When the audio stops, are you able to rewind and listen to the sections you have already listened to, or does the audio player stop responding even if you move the slider?

Alex, this is not a big priority for me. Mostly I mentioned it as an indication that something seems to have changed recently.

When this problem occurs, I have to reload the page. Just moving the slider does not help. But it does not freeze up my browser, so I can live with it, although it is annoying.

The problem comes and goes. It had not happened for several weeks, but it was back occasionally today