Lessons , only able to find audio lessons (texts wanted)

Hello , I was not using lingq for a while. Now I want to select new Lessons. But the problem here, wherever I search I am only able to selet audiofiles, But I want to search for txt-Lessons. What I have to do to find this?
Regards Randolf Balasus

aah problem is solved, it was only an audio preview , what I was seeing, but there is an entrance button and then I can continue with the lesson (to read).

Hi Randolf,

I think I know where you might be a bit confused. Every lesson in the Library on LingQ contains text and audio, as these are required.
When you see the pop-up, you must click on the “Open” button to open up the lesson. This is located on the right hand side. Apologies for any confusion! We will look into making this more user friendly in the future :slight_smile:

@rbalasus - That’s right. If you click on the ‘play’ button, you hear an audio preview. Otherwise, you must click the Open button or, if you click anywhere on the selected grey lesson bar, the lesson will open up.