Lessons not showing in my course

I have collected a few lessons into a course, named “Québécois!”, but often when I open the course, it shows only a few of the lessons, or today - none at all. I just get :

"No results to display. Try another search. "

This makes locating my lessons very difficult, any idea if this is a bug? Or something I’m doing wrong ?

How many lessons do you have? I can see 6.

Perhaps you have a filter active on the left

I can see the courses I created by going to Library/my imports, having previously selected the language in which I created the courses.

I hope this helps.

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If you created a provider it would be easier to filter through providers, searching by Québécois displays a lot of results.

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@maths - There is an issue that is incorrectly applying a level filter to the results. This should hopefully be fixed in our next update, but in the meantime you will need to manually adjust the level filters on the left to display lessons of the correct level.