Lessons loads so fast, I don't have time to read the loading tips

This isn’t really a complaint, I’m just curious what those loading tips say but I never get enough time to read them. Some of them are useful too! Of course I’m not asking you to make lessons load slower but is there anywhere I can find a full list of them?

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You may choose a huge lesson :wink:
But I think the tips are just for fun.

Hi, you can read the complete list of tips by searching any lesson’s source code for the string “loadingMessages” :slight_smile:

Oh, thanks :slight_smile:

For anyone that’s interested the loading tips are:

“Don’t be afraid to make words known. You can always click them again to make them blue.”
“Take advantage of keyboard shortcuts. Click the Help icon to learn more.”
“Suggested phrases containing your word are shown in grey. Hover and click to see them.”
“LingQ phrases by selecting with your mouse or shift+clicking the first and last words.”
“Add lessons to your Playlist to easily download and listen across devices.”
“Customize your reader using the settings available.”
“We can’t wait either…!”
“Just think…some people aren’t using LingQ right now.”
“Roses are red…don’t forget to give one if you like this lesson.”
“Make sure to LingQ phrases to focus on fluency”
“Use the Import Extension for easy importing.”
“Import and learn from any pages on the web.”
“On the move, take advantage of our apps for iOS and Android.”
“Maintain your playlist for easy access across all devices.”
“Larry the LingQcod says “Relax”…”
“The early bird catches the LingQ…”
“We will, we will, LingQ you…!”
“Strike while the LingQ is hot.”
“LingQ while the iron is hot.”
“All LingQs are difficult before they are easy.”
“LingQs speak louder than words.”
“Let the LingQ out of the bag.”
“A chain is only as strong as its weakest LingQ.”
“A LingQ is worth a thousand words.”
“A LingQ a day keeps the doctor away.”
“LingQs are in the eye of the beholder.”
“Don’t count your LingQs before they are hatched.”
“The LingQ that launched a thousand ships.”
“Wear your LingQ upon your sleeve.”
“LingQ before you leap.”,
“Look before you LingQ.”
“Every LingQ has a silver lining.”
“Doubt is the key to knowledge.”
“Mistakes are doorways to discovery.”
“With time even a bear can learn to LingQ.”
“Excuses are merely nails used to build a house of failure.”
“You can make excuses or you can make LingQs. You choose.”

My favorite one is “All LingQs are difficult before they are easy.”, because it’s so true.

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