Lessons changed randomly?

Hi all, new to lingq. Just started using it a week ago so I apologize if this is normal and I’m still learning the system. Anyways, began with what I believe is the default beginner lessons for German. Used it daily no issues. However, the past two days when I click the review lingqs in the notification box, the words are the same, but the sentences (for the cloze) they are used in have changed, as if they are from different lessons. I’m a bit more advanced than a true beginner in the language and I understand pretty much all of the introduction beginner lessons so I know it was not the same lesson. Any thoughts? Is this normal? I’m not a tech guy so maybe it’ll just take me awhile to get used to the system.

@ARay - It’s normal for the Cloze Test to show random sentences. If you find a specific sentence too difficult you can click “Refresh” to get a new sentence. Hopefully this helps clarify things :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex, that is what I figured but just wanted to double check.