Lessons cannot be finished and read words count inflated

I can no longer finish the lessons. The check mark at the last page of the lesson doest do anything. Furthermore, the words read for today are highly inflated. I assume this is related and every time I try to close the lesson it gets added to the words read again and again.

Could you please have this checked?

Also known words and lingqs are incorrectly displayed when opening the lesson.

Also saved translation no longer shown.


I have found a work around for this. Open/close panel on the rigth where words are displayed. Once done, I’m abble to terminate the lesson. I have the issue only with english.

Sorry about that. We are working on both issues and we will push a fix soon. Thanks for your patience!

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I’m having the same problem since yesterday.

Yes. It started yesterday and not being able to end the lesson is the smallest problem, actually. The saved translations no longer being shown, the inflated word count, lingqs and unknown words in lesson not correctly displayed all this is really annoying

The reason for the error is that the page is not refreshed when he says late to the next lesson. The problem is in the skip to next lesson button on the website.

If you refresh the page by exploer, the correct words and lessons will come.

This does not work for me

same issues, following the thread. words that should be highlighted both blue and yellow aren’t appearing properly either.

Any fix in sight? As things are now, the site is barely functional.

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For what it’s worth, at least the read word inflation is still happening in the browser version. Today, just clicking on a word, I was awarded 112 read words! It’s impossible to properly calibrate coins this way…