Lessons can be finished again but other issues still persists

It is again possible to finish the lessons by clicking the final checkmark. I also believe, that the words read are calculated correctly again. So thanks for working on this issue. However, it still shows a completely inaccurate number of unknown words and lingqs inside the lesson and most annoyingly the saved meanings are still missing. Being able to save translations is what makes this website functional. If this is no longer a given, why stay here? It has been 5 days now. Please find a fix.


On Safari, The shortcuts work when i have the side panel open, but they don’t work when it’s closed. You’re right though, I haven’t noticed the lesson ending bug.

I love Lingq but the source code seems to be in a bad place.

A good scrubbing appears necessary.

Maybe GPT-4 might assist and accelerate the code debugging as Lingq seems a bit short of staff on that front!


The problem for me is that the field for saved translations just appears as empty.

Sorry about that, we will soon push a fix for other mentioned issues too.

When will that happen?

Hopefully later today or tomorrow.