Lessons are now read-only

Yesterday they were fine, this morning I opened some of my French lessons and they are now read-only. I can’t access LingQs or create new ones. What have you changed? I’m on the latest version of Firefox.

Similar problem here : /

Same situation here, just happened after completing a lesson, the next lesson was read only. Mac Safari and Firefox…

same here Windows, Firefox 15, Same thing on chrome

I am unable to create or review Lingqs. Please fix.

I’m having the same problem through both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. I can’t work on any lessons, create lingqs, play lessons, etc.

And I’m having the same problem using my iPad.

I have the same problem.

It was working some hours ago. But now the right section is not displayed for any lessons of any language.

Safe to assume there’s a problem somehow

I am having the same issue, on my iPhone. On fact, none of the functions are working besides these son appearing with my LingQs

When I tried a minute ago everything was fine, but then I opened a new lesson and now I am having the same problem. The complete right hand side is missing! I use windows 7 !

Same here. Firefox 22, Windows 7 Professional 32 bit. Dashboard not available for any of my lessons.

same problem here

Same problem. It’s neither the computer nor the web browser fault. I have checked it with Firefox, chrome and Internet Explorer. Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Same problem for my Spanish lesson : right side is blank. Windows XP, latest FF

I found a post dated 7th September 2012 from Lingq Support

Which asked for information on the problem to help them fix it. I followed their instructions and emailed them with a screen print.

For info, the error messages my system picked up were

Timestamp: 04/07/2013 13:41:50
Error: ReferenceError: ShareSettings is not defined
Source File: Login - LingQ
Line: 562

Timestamp: 04/07/2013 13:41:50
Error: TypeError: share_setting is undefined
Source File: http://m.lingq.com/static/CACHE/js/74c2e6179f5c.js
Line: 228


Uncaught ReferenceError: ShareSettings is not defined www.lingq.com/:562
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘initial_setting’ of undefined


I hope they fix the problem soon I need my daily fix of lingq’s , I have used rosetta stone and michel thomas for recreational use in the past but lingq is grade A pure, the withdrawl symptoms are starting to kicking in.

Error console is saying:

Uncaught ReferenceError: ShareSetting is not defined

This is frustrating. Frustrating this is.