Lesson's and course titles/picture/info wastes far too much space on the screen

In the latest update on the iphone app the lesson/course info on the library or lessons screen takes up far too much space. I’m using an iphone 6 plus so the screen is quite large.

You can see from the picture attached that only the details of one full course. So much space is wasted. Before I could see the info for several courses/lessons on the screen making scrolling and selecting material very intuitive.

With so much wasted space it would be just as easy to put the graphic to the left or right of the info.

I can’t believe that this was done on purpose. This is lingq - of course we want the layout to look nice but above all we need functionality - we can go to rosetta stone for nice layouts. At any rate so much wasted space just doesn’t look good.

Please someone tell me that there is somewhere I can go in the settings to change the way lessons/courses are viewed in the library/lessons menu page?

The screenshots you added are from the website version of LingQ, is that correct? Why don’t you use LingQ app on your iPhone instead?

Hi no these are from the app! Individual lessons would show up exactly the same way too. Although the day after posting the comments above individual lessons suddenly displayed more rationally. Now I can see several lessons on the screen.

However, the course screen as shown in the picture above still displays exactly the same way in the app. I can only see information for one whole course at a time. No doubt this is the same for others, no?

  1. Edit: I can see I did screenshot the lingq web! Sorry I was testing it out to see if the web was any different from the app. The app shows exactly the same info. In fact less info can be seen with the app.
  2. It seems I can’t make an attachment here of the app screenshot so i’ll just send you the screenshot directly.
  3. Zoran I just posted the screenshot on your wall.

Thanks, I saw the screenshot… Yeah, that is how the My Lessons tab, course view looks on the app. Sorry to hear you don’t like it!
I don’t think we are going to make any changes there in the near future, but we will keep your feedback in mind for future updates.

Hi Zoran,

Yeah it’s more a practical issue. If one can only see one and a half courses at a time it makes it difficult and time consuming to scroll through the courses. I could understand if it was absolutely necessary to use all the space to show info but most of it is taken up with a picture.

Can I ask why the decision was made to change to this layout?

Also, if you’re not going to change to the old view. Would it be possible to add some sort of display settings in lingq where we can change the layout of the course page ourselves?