Lesson says new word or words but there are not in the lesson

In my lesson page I have a bunch of lessons that I have reviewed. I either marked the words as known or created lingqs. There are a few lesson’s that I have reviewed but still say there are one or two new words. When I click on the lesson there are no new words. Any recommendations?

Those still new words are mostly “hidden” behind LingQ-ed expressions. If you want to avoid this, create first single words, and expressions after that.

I unlinked the expressions but it still says 1 or 2 new words. Almost all of the other lessons are good it is just 2 lesson’s are funky.

I wouldn’t worry about it. It will not affect your stats very much and we are not going to spend time trying to find out why at this time. For a number of reasons it is better to save the word first and then the phrase.


Have you used the “move all remaining words to known” button?

I tried that as well. It’s not that big of a deal. After I learn and archive that lesson I won’t see it anymore. I just thought it was an easy fix