Lesson Page Collections?

I’ve been wondering about this for a while/ if it would be an easy option to add. At least this is something I would like to see added and or fixed
How come the lesson page doesnt organize things into Collections ( in the archived lessons and in the active ones)? To me, Its a little bit annoying to sift through a bunch of pages. Having the option to organize into collections rather than single lessons would be nice to keep things clean and easy to find ( for me anyways). Right now, I have a few collections that Aren’t shared publicly and the ONLY way I can access the collection to see all the lessons together is to click import and then clikc the collection name . IN the lessons if i click open collection it just brings me to a new page and says “No results for this category or search term” or 0parts in collection. Im assuming it does this because its not shared But I dont see why It should be doing it that way.

Anyways I’d just like to be able to at least have the option ( sometime in the future) to have lessons organised by collection ( if it is part of one). So instead of seeing 6 pages of single lessons spread into 3 collections. YOu could just have 3 links of the collection name clikc that and it brings you to the list of lessons form the collection ( like that page in the importsection)

Wonder if this makes any sense? I know linq is a constant work in progress and theres a crapload of thigns to fix , add and improve. As always, I dont expect anyone to add extra options right away or anytime soon. I just post this up here as a note / idea. I might be the only one who thinks this a bit bothersome =p.

I like this idea!

@keroro- That is something we will do eventually. It’s not a trivial change and you are right that the fact that your lessons are private prevents the collections from displaying.

Hey mark Thanks, sorry for stating the obvious. I was sure you guys knew about this already.
But just thought I’d mention it anyways.

I know you guys have a LONG list of things to get tooo.
I only mention these things because I like lingq and would like to see it improve as time goes on.
I’m in no hurry and dont expect things to be fix right away.
Looking forward to seeing futur updates.

I would love to have a collection view too! I remember that there were the “Featured collections” in the library two years ago and it was really nice to look for collections.

Count me in on this one. I find it annoying to try to browse the library and to have to click through many pages of the same collection before finding a new one. It feels like trying to find something in a library of books which have had their covers and binding removed and are just loose pages in a pile - albeit an orderly pile.

But, yes, I too know you all are doing a lot of work in a lot of areas and I appreciate that and the Lingq experience.

If you are in the library, you can click on the ‘i’ button which appears when you hover on a lesson title or, in the search view, click on “View Collection” to see the Collection popup which is a great way to look at the whole collection and preview lessons you are interested in. I don’t see many changes there. The only issue at the moment is collections for imported content which would be nice.

I agree that it would be great to have our active lessons and archived lessons organized better, like in the library.

Jingle and Vera, I do not share your concerns about navigating the Library. I can click on the “i” in any Lesson icon in the main Library view, and see all the lessons in that collection. I can also browse in Advanced Search view and click on any lesson and see the Collection.

The “view collection” in the Advanced Search doesn’t work for me. If I click on “view collection” the lesson opens instead and not the collection. When I hover over the name of the collection I see that there is the same link as when I move over the lesson name. I tried this with IE7 and FF on different computers.

I am in FF and in the Advanced Search library page, get the collection view regardless of whether I click on the name of the lesson or the (view collection) link. Of course this supposes that the item is part of a collection.

What about others?

Right now , I dont mind the library section either. Mainly because there isnt much content for korean yet. That might change later on though. For now I’m mostly concerned about the Lessons page especially for lessons imported. Anyways , would be nice to have the lesson page better organised eventually with a Sort by collection option to lower the page count and navigate better.