Lesson Notes that were fine are now messed up in Classic view

Lesson notes that were fine before are now messed up with code from MS Word in Classic view. Beta is fine. Example: Login - LingQ

Classic View:

This is the version for formal situations.

Braun: Have a nice day (still)! (More literally: I wish you to have still a nice!)
Jung: The same to you (More literally: I wish you the same)!

Braun: Have a good one (still)!
Jung: The same to you!

Braun: I wish you a good night.
Jung: Thank you, the same to you.

Beta View:

These are different kind of goodbyes used in formal situations.

Recognize the “Ihnen” in the sentences: That addresses this goodbye to friends or relatives. You use “dir” in informal situations and “Ihnen” in formal situations.

Note: The “Ihnen” is written in capitalized letters to show respect. It is used this way in mail for example. You can capitalize the “Du” in mail as well, but there is not such a strict rule.

“Ich wünsche Ihnen noch einen schönen Tag!” can be used in formal and informal situations. It’s the most common goodbye in formal situations. You can add a name. For example “Auf Wiedersehen, Herr Müller!” but it is not necessary.

“Ich Ihnen auch!” is formal too. You return the wish to other person.

“Einen schönen Tag noch!” is simply the shorter version of the first sentence. It’s the same in formal and informal situations.

“Ihnen auch!” is simply the shorter version of “Ich Ihnen auch!”

“Ich wünsche Ihnen eine gute Nacht!” is used in the same way in the late evening hours.

“Danke gleichfalls” is used to say thank you and return the wish to other person. It’s the same in formal and informal situations.

Just want to bring this up.

I think it is important for content providers that lesson notes are presented with the same look in Classic and Beta View. You changed a lot concerning this in the past and lesson notes that were fine before are now messed up.

Before I spend time fixing these issues I want to be sure that you handle it the same in both versions, and that you don’t change it again, because it is a lot of work.

Hi Vera,
If you take a closer look at this lessons in classic view, you will see that lesson notes looks perfectly fine. What you copy-pasted above for classic view is lesson translation.
We don’t support html tags in classic so this lesson translation were messed up even before 4.0 was launched. Just delete the tags and it will look fine.
Remember to add double trailing spaces to separate the lines within same paragraphs, and resources will look fine on 4.0 too.