Lesson (Not) Complicted

I’m reading along in a lesson I imported and suddenly I’m congratulated for having finished the lesson when I haven’t finished it at all. And then I can’t get it to let me continue reading. I try to go back to the part where I was cut off or to move forward but all I do is trigger the "you have finished the lesson"message again. Very frustrating and time consuming!!

Sheesh. Bad day for me and Lingq. After describing how I’ve been locked out of a lesson, I noticed the typo in the title and clicked on the edit button to fix it. But nothing happens. I can’t change it. I feel like the functions of Lingq are shutting down randomly all around me. Plus, I can’t get back into that lesson no matter what I try: restarting Lingq for example or even restarting my computer, This is the second time this has happened to me in a few days.

Yes, these days are rough. :smiley:

Are you sure you haven’t a part (2) somewhere. Maybe look inside your edited course to see if you see something more or at least you can verify the original text.

Anyway, you can’t edit the title, only the post. As far as I know and remember. At least this haven’t changed but it should. :smiley: