Lesson list for courses

Happy Sunday, could you guys just fix the editing of lesson lists in courses? When I want to add a new lesson to a course that already has like 40 lessons and the new lesson shall appear as number 7, then I have to change manually all the subsequent lesson numbers. Not very smart.
Enjoy your weekend!

Thanks for your feedback! We will make improvements regarding Editing Courses in the upcoming update we are working on.

Do you refer to LingQ 5.0? Wouldn’t it possible to make such a small change before? Just a more usable list-editing function where you can change positions dynamically.
Moreover, I want to remind that after having edited the text of a lesson the word statistics are a pure chaos. It would be nice if the statistics adapted more smoothly to the new version of a lessons text.

At the moment we won’t be making any changes to 4.0 version since we are fully focused on delivering 5.0. The goods news are that it’s almost done and we are getting closer to launch. If you are interested to start using beta version of LingQ 5.0 right away, please contact me on support(at)lingq.com for more details.

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