Lesson Length

Why is there a length for how long a lesson can be?

I really don’t like how the software breaks up lessons. I’m not even trying to enter a very long text. Like less than 5 pages and it still breaks up the lesson.


Lessons are limited to 2000 words. If you imported text longer than that, it will be split into parts automatically.

2000 words is very little. I know quite a few of us have already asked for this limit to be raised, but I am not holding my breath as they already have a backlog of other issues to sort out. When Lingq was first created, the limit was placed at 10000 words, but it was drastically reduced around 2014 because it was slowing down their system. Of course, technology has moved on drastically since then, but we are still stuck with 2000 words only. And yes, it is annoying to have a chapter of a book divided into several parts.


I thought it must’ve been raised. My prior books were divided into ~2000 word chunks, but my latest one, imported perhaps two months ago, has much longer lessons. I just started the last lesson of the book and it’s 11744 words long. The ID is 11126550 if it’s something you want to look into. I use high-end hardware, so things don’t slow down too much for me, but maybe this is a problem for others.

I think that it may be different depending on the language that you are studying.

Japanese has no spaces between words and it makes this site a pain.

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