Lesson description

Is it possible to display the lesson description in the lesson reader itself? E.g. after the text and before or after the content supplier info?

@hape - Well, it is possible but I’m not sure why we would do it. If you need to see the description, you can go to the My Lessons page.

Actually, I too would like to be able to see the lesson description in the lesson reader. Perhaps as a new tab “lesson description” or under the resources tab. Or somekind of way to add “notes” to the lesson without posting to the notes on the forums.


I upload my own content. Each lesson i upload Has a different “grammar” point. I dont study / memorize the grammar but I do put a simple explanation in the description and ALOT of time I would like to be able to read that description while in the lesson without having to open a seperate tab or having to go back… SO it would be nice to be able to add notes to imported lessons that you dont want to share on forums OR would be nice to just be able to see the description somewhere in the lesson reader.

soo I’m with hape on this one =p. Not sure why hape would need it but thats how i use it a the moment.

Again, I’m aware I might be the only one that uses it this way which is why i never mentioned anything but since Hape is asking , i thought I would put my vote in…

Thank you for your response.

I didn’t notice that the lesson description is on the “My Lessons” page. The reason that I would like to see the description within the reader page is that I put sometimes interesting information (e.g. links to other resources) into the lesson description.

I do not see this as a good thing. It would clutter up the Lesson page to have the lesson description there. The lesson description appears in the My Lessons page and can be seen in full by clicking on the + sign.


You could put your featured grammar point in the title or in the description of your imported content. You can also tag individual links by special points of grammar.

We are going to introduce a separate grammar resource page, similar to the translation page, and separate from present Forum notes page. This was requested by Vera and others and is on the list.


I rather not put it int he title…
Like i said. I never brought it up because its just a personal preference. Theres ALOT of thigns i would like added to lingq for my own personal preference that probably wouldnt be useful to anyone else. Which is why i never mention it as its not something i expect to ever be added. I only brought this up because hape did first =p.

And yes a separate grammar resource page similar to translation page would be awesome. Its exactly what i meant by a way to adding extra notes to imported lessons. That would be exactly what i would need.

Nice to read that my suggestion about a grammar resource page for lessons is on the list :slight_smile: